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    Text about the grupa20minut in Wiadomości ASP and Palace of Art!

    In a special edition of Wiadomości ASP (84), created in connection with the Jubilee of the 100th anniversary of women in the Academy, there appeared a text about the grupa20minut (Katarzyna Godyń-Skoczylas, Małgorzata Kaczmarska, Elżbieta Sowa). A copy of the publication became part of the exhibition at the Palace of Arts in Kraków organized as part of the 200th anniversary of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków.

Małgorzata Kaczmarska

– artist. She practices oil painting first and foremost, but ventures into other media such as video or installation. She depicts humans and their relationship with the surroundings. Female nude, male nude, portrait, landscape – are the recurring motives of her expressive artworks.